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Customised zip pullers

The experts of Menesello's production site in Pernumia, in the province of Padua, see to the creation of zip pullers that can be engraved with a company logo or other designs. Below are some examples of customised zip pullers made by Menesello:

Code Engraved 3D 

zip puller

zamak zip puller

3D zamak zip puller T33N customised with nickel finish.


Code Tiralampo

customised zamak zip puller

Zamak zip puller T27OS "HS" mm. 45x25 with glossy static gold finish.

Code Puma 

zip puller

Puma zip puller

Zamak zip puller T6ORO "PUMA" with gold finish.

Code Puller

with enamel

zamak zip puller with enamel

Zamak zip puller "CRIMINAL" mm. 16x17 + pink enamel with nickel-free finish.

Code Shaped zip puller 

with rhinestones

shaped zip puller with rhinestones

Shaped zamak zip puller "ZOON" mm. 34x23 + 9 crystal rhinestones with glossy nickel-free finish.

Code Hello Spank 

zip puller

zamak zip puller with coloured finish

Zamak zip puller T31NF+S "HELLO SPANK" mm. 28x25 with glossy nickel-free finish + pink, black and white enamels.

Code Franklin&Marshall aged zip puller

cusomised zip puller production

Tirazip in zama T10NFA "FRANKLIN&MARSHALL" da mm. 17
in finitura nickel free.

Code Zip puller

with engraved logo

zamak zip puller with engraved logo

Tirazip in zama T34NFO "ANNAELLE" inciso da mm. 28x5x3 in finitura nickel free opaco.

Code Customised zip puller

cusomised zip puller

Zamak zip puller T23NFL+S Sheep with black enamel.

Code Marc Jacobs zip puller

engraved zip puller with two-tone finish

Engraved, cusmoised zip puller, two-tone gold/nickel-free finish.

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