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Customisation of fashion accessories

With more than twenty years experience, Menesello in Pernumia, Padua, boasts a team of professionals that are highly qualified to create customised fashion accessories to meet the different needs of the clothing, footwear and leather goods industries.

Code Criminal customisation + enamels

customised pink plaque

Zamak plaque PL33NF "CRIMINAL" 60.6x29 mm free with nickel-free glossy finish + pink enamel.

Code Jeans plaque 


plaque with customised shape

Zamak plaque PL159CF "VJC" superimposed 50x38 mm. with gunmetal static glossy finish.

Code Versace Accessory

engraved button

Circular zamak plaque "JELLYFISH" curved engraved 40mm diameter, in nickel-free static matte finish

Code Medusa Plaque

engraved gold plaque

Circular zamak plaque PL124O/S "JELLYFISH" on 2 levels, diameter 35mm. with rhinestones and static gold finish.

Code Stella

"H" Milan

star shaped plaque

Zamak star plaque PL142OVF "H" MILAN 48x50 mm. free antique gold finish.

Code High-relief customisation

customised zamak plaque

Zamak embossed plaque PL215NV "ETIEM" mm. 54x15.5 with old nickel finish

Code Brax Plaque

zamak plaque with high-relief engraving

PL191NL "BRAX" 63x10x1.5 with glossy nickel finish + matte coating + brax polishing.

Code Armani Eagle

Armani eagle plaq

Zamak eaglet PL252O 85 mm. two-colour, three-dimensional static.

Code Lasered pendant

Henry Cottons pendant

Placca in zama PL191NL "BRAX" da mm. 63x10x1,5 in finitura nickel lucido + verniciatura opaca + lucidatura brax.

Code Murphy&Nye logo

brass logo

Brass logo PL193O "MURPHY&NYE" 0.8 mm thickness. statical gold finish + white enamel.


Engraved H&B belt loops

engraved zamak belt loops

Zamak kit P100OAT "H&B" (belt loops) 12x14 mm with 3 finishes.

Code Frosted metal 


customised zamak plaque

Zamak plaque PL135NS+V "MISTERARTE" engraved with frosted nickel finish + matte coating.

Code Franco Bizzaro 


production of personalised plaques

Oval zamak plaque in 2 pieces PL303 "FRANCO BIZZARO" engraved frosted nickel plaque, glossy nickel logo.

Code Painted zamak 


customised plaque in painted zam

Customised plaque in painted zamak.

Code Customised 


customised clothing tags

Customisation on card with rivet AV343NV "Z" diameter 10 mm. with old nickel finish.

Code Plaque 

with rhinestones

rectangular zamak plaque

Rectangular zamak plaque PL307OF+S with logo "GG" in high-relief + crystal rhinestones, gold finish.

Code Ralph Lauren 

Clothes hanger

customised clothes hanger

Customised zamak clothes hanger AV451OAF.

Code Lead/plastic 


lead and plastic seal

Customisable seal AV358.

Code Customised pendant

customised pendant

Circular customised pendant AV624 15x22 mm with jeans finish.

Code Alessio Zulli

oval plaque for bag

Oval brass plaque 00709OL with engraved logo "Alessio Zulli" with glossy static gold finish.

Code Customised 


engraved bronze plates

Rectangular engraved zamak nameplate, with Cairo finish.

Code Cecile Marguerite 


matte pendant

Customised pendant "Cecile Marguerite" with matte gold finish.

Code Customised pin

customised pin

Pin with customised tip and painted matte black with decorations.

Code Officine Borderline 


bracelet with customised pendant

Customised pendant "Cecile Marguerite" with matte gold finish.

Code Engraved and pierced  brass

engraved and pierced brass plaque

Small plaque "V" in engraved and pierced brass.

Code Pin 

+ pendant

engraved medals

Example of a customised accessory for "Officine Borderline".

Code Vivienne Westwood

engraved and pierced brass plaque

Engraved circular Vivienne Westwood pendant.

Code Kenzo plaque

Kenzo brass plaques

Brass plaque "Kenzo" in high-relief.

Code Gola" Choker"

customised engraved medal

Accessory with chain and customised pendant "Gola".

Code Made in Italy

plate with coloured laser inscription

Made in Italy plate made with coloured laser etching.

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